How to Create a Unique Store Experience With Custom Product Packaging


How to Create a Unique Store Experience With Custom Product Packaging

72% of Americans say that product packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. So, how do you create product packaging that will hook customers?

Packaging design is the first thing the customer sees, and you know what they say about good first impressions. In order to attract and retain customers, you have to create product packaging that tells a story about your brand, works for your market, and conveys a sense of luxury.

To find out the best ways to use your packaging to attract more customers and create a valuable experience, keep reading!


Choose a Direction


So you’re wondering how to design your packaging in a way that is beneficial to your company. First of all, what story are you trying to tell?

Brand storytelling can be accomplished through many means, but product packaging is one of the primary ways to portray your story. Packaging tells a story about your brand through each choice that is made, such as material, shape, or sustainability.

One aspect of how to tell your story is through color choices. Using a bright red can make your brand seem exciting and bold, while a soft green will give a soothing and relaxing impression.

Once your story is defined, it’s easier to hook your core customer into advertising for you through social media.

For instance, the trend of unboxing videos shows that people care about the outside of the product, too. As of 2014, there were more than 20 million search results on YouTube for “unboxing.” People want to see your products particularly if they come in attractive and unique packaging.




Your Target Market


A little market research can tell you the demographics of your customers, and that little piece of information can tell you so much!

Is your market a tiny niche who is interested in something very specific that you can include on the packaging? Or is it a more general market, in which case your packaging must appeal to a larger number of people?

Once you know who your customer is, you can use packaging design to appeal to their specific social status, gender, wants, and needs. For example, you would advertise much differently to a young woman buying her first perfume than you would to an older man purchasing perfume for his wife.






Elements of Product Packaging Design


The elements of product packaging design start with the main level, the bottle, bag or box that the product itself is contained within, and any labels needed for that level of packaging. This could be the actual candy wrapper, perfume bottle, or lipstick tube: anything that holds your specific product.

Then, you can consider the outer packaging, such as the larger box or bag that your product comes in.

With outer packaging, you also have to think about how it will work with whatever inner packaging you have chosen to protect the product. This can include things such as tissue paper or bubble wrap within the outer box. This is a practical layer of the packaging, but it can be stylish as well.

Consider what needs to be present on your main level of packaging.

The name of the product should be prominently placed so that customers can easily recognize your product. This should be accompanied by a copy such as a tag line, or a short description of the product or its history.

Visually, brand logos are important to include, and add an important layer to making your product design stand out on the shelf. If your logo is eye-catching, it can help differentiate your product from its competitors in the market.




Other Things to Consider for Product Packaging


Make sure you’re taking everything into consideration when you are designing your custom product packaging, such as:

  • The durability of transport: Depending on how you plan on transporting your products, you may have to take the shape of the packaging into account so that it can be easily stacked or packed in shipping boxes.
  • Shelf-life of materials: You want your product package design to look just as good near the end of its shelf life as it did at the beginning.
  • Sustainability: A recent Unilever report shows that 33% of consumers prefer brands that have a focus on doing social or environmental good.
  • Packaging size: Particularly if you have multiple products of different sizes, designing your packaging to be used for multiple products can really save your packaging budget.


Create a Packaging Budget


You need to find the balance between an elaborate, unique, creative design and the limits of your budget so that you can provide the best possible product packaging at the right cost to your company.

Custom packaging can be the best option for a company on a budget that still wants premium packaging that conveys luxury because you can choose the best options for your particular product and business.




Luxury Product Packaging Ideas


It’s true: Attractive packaging contributes to impulse purchases by your customers. That’s why design is so important to your bottom line as well as to the customer’s overall impression of the quality of your brand.

Clear packaging can be a good way to give your customer a sneak peek at your product’s quality, as well as adding an element of interest to the design. A clear window that shows your product also speaks to the integrity of your company…you have nothing to hide.

How about a custom collapsible box with a magnetic closure for that extra luxurious touch? This can be a great example of something small that can make a package feel much more valuable. Small additions like this can make your design without breaking your budget.

Anything, from the box or bag to the tape or ribbon that seals the package, can be customized to your business’s specifications. Adding branded material makes your products feel premium.




Take the Next Step


Product packaging doesn’t have to be the most complicated part of your business plan! Once you’ve considered all the elements that go into a good package design, it’s time to create the perfect packaging for your products.

Custom packaging will make your products stand out from the crowd. Contact us for more information about how we can help you with your unique product packaging needs!

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