Ecommerce Packaging: How to Create Unforgettable Unboxing


Ecommerce Packaging: How to Create Unforgettable Unboxing

Are you an eCommerce brand?

Are you looking to create a unique and unforgettable packaging experience?

Well, in this article – we will go over exactly that and give you 9 ways you can create an unboxing experience, which will be hard to forget.

Keep reading to learn more about eCommerce packaging.


What Is a Packaging Experience for a Brand?

In reality, not having a packaging experience is like not having a product to sell. A branded packaging experience is an intermediary of shipping that shows how well you’ve decided to present your product.

The purpose is to provide value on top of the already provisioned value from the product that the customer has been seeking out. It is the first impression – the first glimpse, and it should be both shareable and memorable.

An online retailer is at the disclosure of lesser contact and influence on the customer, so it can be difficult to sway a customer to purchase without a tactile experience.

Nonetheless, that is exactly what an eCommerce brand should focus on the touchpoints available, and create a customized brand experience for the customer, which helps them feel like they’ve made the right choice.


How To Create a Custom Packaging Experience

When it comes to packaging development, there are a variety of factors that come into play, however, they are not all necessary.

It is best to determine the improvements you can make, how to deliver them in the most aesthetic and comforting manner that helps your customers remember their purchase, and not just set aside their emotional response.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your branded packaging.


The Packaging Itself

The most prominent fact of the shipping container is the format, in which it is delivered. A box, a bag, a poly mesh, a wrap, what have you. In the past, brown corrugated packaging was the way to go. You save money, and it was a standard.

Nowadays, that just won’t work – the actual package represents your opportunity of creating the initial shock and wow factor for the experience that is to come. A luxury product should have a luxury package.


The Tape

Clear packaging tape is a standard of most unboxing experiences, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a wide array of potential tapes of various color, pattern, and size – you are able to create an experience that makes peeling off the tape satisfying.

A gate to your product, instead of a barrier holding it closed.


The Filler

Styrofoam peanuts, air pillow, bubble wrap, foam inserts – all of these are fun, serve a purpose, but can be non-appealing to many.

It doesn’t provide a premium feel. Some other forms of filler are excelsior or crinkle paper. These provide a little more customized experience and can add to the comfort of the product.



Pre-wrapping the products in tissue paper of various texture and color can increase the excitement of unwrapping the actual product. As it acts as an extra layer of anticipating the unboxing experience.

Branded, colored, custom – tissue paper can accommodate all creative expression.



Stickers are cheap, versatile, and customizable. A sticker can help bind the packaging, seal tissue paper, add brand recognition to the outer layers of packaging experience.

Include some stickers in the box, leave a note of gratitude, and let them boast your brand and share their appreciation with others.


Promo Material

Having a customized package to send, adds to another layer of marketing or promotion. You can add cards or inserts, which will help you push products, make more sales, and provide opportunities to your customers that are not open to non-customers.

Include a personal note, instructions, challenge – anything goes, if you can add more value – the customer will appreciate it.


Custom Note

Handwritten notes are hard to scale, but they are not impossible. Connecting with your shopper through a personalized card that is genuine can go a long way.

A handwritten message or personalized card shows that you care, and that’s how you empower your brand.



You can consider including free samples or gifts, based on the customer’s past purchase history. Ideally, something they are interested in.

If you sell shampoo, throw in a sample of conditioner. Using these minuscule introductions can lead to large transactions, so think small with the bigger picture in mind.


Packing Slips

Include transaction information, receipts, packing slips in the package, but don’t let it distract from the unboxing. At a restaurant, the receipt is brought at the right time, it is presented elegantly.

So do the same – don’t let it be the first thing the customer sees. When you print your packing slips, customize the contents, and edit the design. Include a coupon, if you like.

Encourage repeat purchases, remind them of their purchase, and let the sales come in on their own.


eCommerce Packaging Done Right

Now that you understand the power of eCommerce packaging, how it can be used to increase sales and 9 ways for improving your unboxing experience – you are well on your way to providing a customized and pleasant experience for your customers.

Don’t let standards ruin your business – think small with the greater picture in mind.

The small details go a long way, so keep that in mind.

If you’re interested in custom packaging for your eCommerce brand, get in touch with us (InTheBag) – we will gladly accommodate your needs.

Good luck!


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