Dazzle Your Future Customers with These Product Packaging Ideas


Dazzle Your Future Customers with These Product Packaging Ideas

Did you know 94 percent of the world’s population recognizes the red and white logo by Coca Cola? And even more, Coca Cola is also the second-most understood term behind the word “okay.”

Throughout the years, they have positioned themselves as a global empire through brilliant marketing and packaging designs that have left a lasting impression on consumers from every corner of the world.

If you are considering starting your own brand, packaging could mean the difference between becoming a dominant brand like Coca Cola or becoming a brand nobody has ever heard of. Keep reading this guide to learn some of the very best product packaging ideas to get a step ahead of the competition.



Define Your Brand

When it comes to packaging design, it is crucial to keep in mind you want to connect the packaging with the product you are selling. The purpose of the package is to display the product and sell it to the consumer, not to confuse them.

A question to ask yourself when considering what to put on your packaging is: “What do you want your company to be known as?”

This is an excellent time to consider your mission and vision statements. With those in mind, you can then develop an image of what you want your company to be known as based on the company’s purpose, goals, and values.

A good example of this is Starbucks coffee. Their mission statement is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Starbucks tries to encompass all they do into the cup of coffee, the product they serve to customers. Everyone recognizes the green on the cups and the Starbucks siren. The siren was chosen as the logo to display for two reasons: being from Seattle, they felt connected to the water, and typically coffee travels long distances across the water.



Make It Unique

Another vital factor to consider when it comes to packaging design is the uniqueness behind it. You can separate yourself from the competition by standing out in a good way. This can be done in a variety of different methods, including various color schemes and designs.

This is where you want to jump out to the customer and grab their attention.

Considering recent studies have shown the average human attention span is only eight seconds, it is vital to appeal to the consumer immediately. Companies have come up with creative ways of standing out.

Think about Smirnoff, with the release of their new product Smirnoff caipiroska, the company introduced a peelable bottle. The “skin” was representative of the skin of the fruit the drink was flavored after. The company was so creative with it they went to the extremes of mimicking the texture, and they were even delivered in wooden crates.

Other examples of standing out could include colored ribbons or branded tape to give your product a unique and recognizable look.



Know the Audience

This is an important one. You must know who you are trying to sell your product to in order to design a package that will sell itself.

Many factors should go into this decision, including gender, age, demographics, and income, among others. You want your product to appeal to your target market.

This could mean many things — from the colors you use to the size of the font.

If you are targeting an older audience, they will want the information presented in a simple way that is easy to read and tells the consumer exactly what the product is. Keep in mind if the packaging is too bold and extreme, it may deter potential customers away.


Add Some Color

When it comes to visibility, what do you think of? Size…? Shape..? When it comes to the visibility of the packaging of a product, it encompasses all of this and more.

This is what is going to make you stand out among the competition. It is crucial to have typography that is both clear and concise.

According to a study published in Psychology and Marketing, consumers are more likely to experience impulsive buying if the area of the brain that is associated with spontaneous processes is affected by the product’s packaging.

This study highlights the importance of having packaging that is clear about what is being sold but is also attractive and can draw the consumer in.

Color is a significant factor that influences consumers’ decision making. Specific colors can invoke emotions in customers and influence their buying decisions. This study shows the colors red, yellow, green, and pink are the most visually appealing and grab the most attention.

Another thing to consider when talking about the visibility of a product package is the placement on a shelf. You will want to make sure that the information can be seen clearly from a shelf at any angle.



Go for High Quality

Last but not least, the quality of the packaging. It is never a smart idea to skimp out on the quality of the package as consumers will take note.

Consumers relate the feel of a product with the quality of it, even if the product is inferior to another product that had studier packaging. One study showed consumers who were served water in a flimsy cup perceived the water to be of lower quality compared to the water served in a studier cup.

It is always a good idea to use higher quality materials when it comes to the products package. It is a simple way to remind your consumers, we care about quality and will make sure to give you nothing but the best.



Need Help With Product Packaging Ideas

Now that you have some of the best product packaging ideas to work with, it’s time to put them to use. Do you have what it takes to stand out amongst the crowd and sell your product?

If you need help coming up with ideas for the packaging of your product, contact us today, and we can help give you that competitive advantage you have been looking for.

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