Why Product Packaging Is Just as Important as Your Product


Why Product Packaging Is Just as Important as Your Product

Did you know that 72% of Americans say product packaging influences their purchase decisions? Most likely, the same goes for Canadian shoppers too.

If you haven’t given your product packaging a second thought before, then maybe it’s time you did. Without realizing the importance of packaging, you may have been losing out on a significant number of sales.

Not quite convinced of why packaging is important? Here are all the reasons why it’s just as important as your product itself, if not more.



Product Packaging Makes Your Brand Memorable


You might think you’re saving a bit of money by packaging your products in plain cardboard boxes. But the truth is, this doesn’t do much for your branding.

Sure, customers know your brand name at the moment when they click “purchase” or grab the box off the shelf in your store.

But when they go home, and months (or years) pass by, can you really trust them to remember you? That surely won’t be possible when all they have as a reference is a logoless cardboard box.

When you design your product packaging to reflect your brand (especially if there’s a prominent logo), this helps your business to be more memorable.

Customers will be more inclined to keep the packaging that’s high-quality and beautifully made. When they pull it out later to reuse, the branding on the packaging will trigger their memories and maybe prompt them to either use your services again or recommend them to friends and family.




It Can Be More Appealing Than Competitors’ Products


Humans are visual creatures, and that can compel us to choose things that are more appealing to our eyes.

If you and competitors offer the same exact products at the same prices, it can come down to this question: which one attracts the attention of consumers more?

This is especially important when they need to make split-second decisions. 53% of UK shoppers said they preferred to make final decisions for purchase while in-store. Assuming the same can be said of Canadian and US consumers, then it’s vital you make your product stand out against the rest.



Product Packaging Can Convince Consumers to Buy


Did you know that certain colours can affect people’s moods and how they perceive things? For instance, McDonald’s didn’t just choose red and yellow arbitrarily; these shades can make you hungry and increase your heart rate.

You need to apply the same concept to your packaging. What’s your company’s brand messaging? You want to stick to it through the colour scheme you choose.

For example, if you want to appear playful, you can go for pastel colours. Or if you want to look professional and put-together, go with darker tones.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in line with the branding you’ve already set forth. You don’t want consumers to get confused, after all.

Having cohesive and consistent branding will make for stronger brand recognition. So make sure you do some research on your target audience to ensure your marketing efforts are as effective as possible.



It Elevates the Customer Experience


For many customers, unboxing a product can be just as exciting as using it. It can feel similar to unwrapping a present on Christmas, after all.

Add to their experience by addressing the details. When you show consumers you care about how they feel every step of the way, then they’ll definitely associate positive thoughts with your brand name.

Also, if it’s done well enough, your packaging might be so good that customers want to save and display it. For example, if you have a metal lunchbox style box with your brand logo and colors on it, your customers might display it on their bookshelf and store things inside it.



It’s Free Marketing


When people are out and about after purchasing your product, well-designed packaging can help other consumers to start recognizing your brand name. Think about it: when you’re at the shopping mall, you’re able to spot a Forever 21 bag from a mile away.

Shoppers may also unconsciously want to show off products that have distinct packaging. If your product is in an ugly or plain package, they may be more inclined to shove it into a bag. But if there’s attractive packaging, they’ll want to pull it out, look at it, and show it off more.


Online Marketing

This works for vloggers as well. Unboxing videos are extremely popular; this is where an influencer buys a product, and when they get home (or receive it in the mail), they walk their viewers through the whole process of opening the box and revealing the product.

Custom packaging doesn’t just stop at the box. You can even get branded ribbons, tissue, and tape. That way, when these vloggers unpack your product, their audience will get the full experience. They’ll see you’ve put lots of thought and effort into every detail, which can leave a good impression of your brand.




Get Exemplary Product Packaging


Now that you the importance of product packaging, then it’s time to rethink it. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and really make it your own.

When you can put out unique packaging that’s also durable, people will start associating your brand name with something that’s both memorable and high-quality. This will pay off in the long run, as your company will become more recognizable.

Over time, you’ll see that people can instantly link your brand name with your logo and packaging. As a result, it’ll be a worthwhile investment in marketing.

Are you interested in stepping up your product packaging game? Then get in touch with us now!

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