How To Choose The Right Custom Product Packaging


How To Choose The Right Custom Product Packaging

“The first impression is the last impression.”

If you want to know whether this proverb applies to all situations, the answer is no. However, when it comes to businesses and you have to compete with many brands, the answer is a resounding “Yes”.


As a  business person, you have to pay strict attention to the first impression that your product conveys. The best way to deal with this problem is to choose the right customized packaging.


According to a survey, 61% of Americans agree that they are most likely to purchase from a brand that delivers products with elegant and luxurious packaging. Now you know that the cover of the book matters in the corporate sector.


Product Packaging is an interesting phenomenon where your choice plays a crucial role. Most companies are anxious about the kind of material, design, or size they should pick. Your questions are valid as the dilemma lies in the choice between the customer’s perspective or the perspective of the brand.


We are here to give you a nuanced understanding of product packaging. Read through these seven startling tips that can help you choose a packaging mechanism.


7 Tips to Help you Choose the Perfect Custom Product Packaging

The most integral function of custom packaging is to reveal the unique feature of your brand. If you want to design your product to suit the customer-perspective, you must find who your standard buyer is.

Standard Buyer

Look at the following questions before we give you insight into the standard buyer. By standard buyer, we mean a buyer who is most likely to purchase from you.

Can you identify who you are targeting?

It might be easy in some circumstances and next to impossible in others. If you are selling a user-specific product, you can always have a generalized notion of the kind of designs your buyer would be interested in.


For example, imagine you sell meals for fitness freaks. You know your target is an audience that is interested in gymming or sports. You could probably choose a box that has illustrations of dumbbells on it.


However, think of a more generalized idea when you have to sell accessories or stationery that can be bought by both individuals and businesses. In this case, it will be difficult to select a product design that suits all kinds of customers. A business might like minimalist packing while a young individual might be impressed with a box with doodles.


The argument here is to remind you to keep your audience’s interest in mind. However, if your product covers a wide variety of people, you might want to change the approach of designing from a customer-perspective to a company-perspective.


In this case, the purpose of the product packaging changes. You will have to demonstrate your company’s subject and vision when you are designing the standard custom packaging. Now that you know the underlying details, let’s move to tips that can help you in selecting the right product packaging.

1.   Prioritize Quality Over Everything

Before we suggest which design to go for, understand one simple thing. You have to ensure your packaging has the best quality. It is a clear sign that confirms the customer’s belief that you take time and energy in making the appearance stand out.


Of course, the product inside has a more significant role to play, but the right packaging does the groundwork of attracting the customer’s attention. Don’t you remember stopping by a store only to buy a silly product just because it had such an appealing packaging?


Yes, that works. Understand that your company’s packaging is your company’s market image. It is like appointing a marketer who sets the ground for how popular your brand will turn out to be.


Invest more in choosing the material that best caters to the need and is suitable for shipping. You do not have resources to work on the repairs and damaged products again and again. It is better to channel that money into picking something that guarantees security to your product.

2.   Stay True to the Company’s Vision

There must be a standard design that you should follow for all your products. If you are going for a minimalist pattern, try to maintain the tone when choosing the packaging design.


Luxury products cannot come in quirky and fun designs. Products for jollies must not go with morbid colors. You have to observe these small details to create a more impactful product packaging.


As previously mentioned, it is essential that you acquaint yourself with what your company’s value is. Try giving that value a literal translation in your design and logo.

3.   Professional and Captivating Design

You must have seen how the term “design” has occurred previously. That suggests the importance it has in custom packaging.


You have got to make your product look attractive. If you want to appoint a graphic designer for the same, do not hesitate. They are excellent at their job and they know the standards that will not just appeal to one type of customer but the whole lot.


Pay attention to the material you use. Try to pick a base on which designing is possible and feasible, but one that isn’t too pricey.


Corrugated packaging boxes with lamination can be a good fit for two reasons:

  • The groovy underlying pattern provides rigidity to the box.
  • The material allows online printing.

Cardboard and paper packaging is also trendy these days. The statistics reveal that 7.68% of Americans agree that cardboard and paper packaging makes a product more appealing.


When designing your product, you must keep these statistics in mind to come up with something that people will receive in a better way. Take different materials into account and see which one has the:

  • Space required by the product
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Adaptability for shipping and delivery.

4.   How to Style Your Package

Under this category, we want to discuss the size and shape of your package. Here are some common types of packaging strategies:

  1. STE and RTE Packaging
  2. Gable Bags and Boxes
  3. Six Corner/Four Corner Beer Trays
  4. Cardboard Boxes

Customize these products with the right dye and ink printing.

Here we would also like to highlight two crucial factors that either attract or drive out the customer:

  • Unboxing is fun for Customers:

Your product should be in such a shape and size that it makes unwrapping or unboxing sophisticated.

Did you know that 35% of Americans spend their hours watching videos about unboxing? Yes, it is true. People love to feel products that are elegant and luxurious.

If your product appeals to the customer, they might share its picture on their social media, and believe us, nothing gets you more traction than personal shout-outs.

  • The Process of Unboxing/Unwrapping Should not be Tedious

This simply means, that you must not go overboard and make the unraveling so complicated that by the time the customers get their hands on the product, they have already lost interest.


These might seem like specific and small details and yet they contribute a lot to the overall process of sustainable packaging.

5.   Always Choose Eco-Friendly Options

Now, you might see this as a marketing technique but we would insist that you look at this from a more conscious perspective.


Firstly, you are a company that would provide a large number of products. If you choose an option like a plastic bag, you will be responsible for a lot of non-biodegradable waste. When the world is experiencing its major climate change, are you sure you want your brand to be held accountable for being irresponsible? We are assuming your answer is no.


Secondly and finally, even if you have not realized the importance of eco-friendly goods, your customers would have. They will always choose an eco-friendly brand. You simply do not want to lose customers because you weren’t aware enough.


49% of people are willing to pay more for eco-friendly goods. Do not hesitate to invest in this context in a socially-relevant cause. Propagate that through your brand.

6.   Give Custom Packaging a Good Share in Your Budget

Now, what do we mean by “good share”? We do not want you to get extravagant when investing for a customized package. Rather, we are asking you to give it a relevant spot in your budget. Here a few points that you should remember:

  • Only choose a material that is reasonable and yet fancy
  • Never let the cost of packaging supersede the product’s cost
  • Ensure that if you have invested in sustainable packaging, it is positively influencing your business.
  • Stay practical when appointing your graphic designer, wholesale partner, etc.


To assess if your time and energy spent on customized packaging were worth it, conduct surveys, and ask for reviews. It will give you an edge and also inform you about the way the packaging strategy is performing.


You can even review your customers for identifying their personal issues that depend on the following factors:

  • Size
  • Style
  • Quality
  • Space


If you want to choose the right packaging, you must recognize the response it receives to have a better experience with your customers.

7.   Keep the Rules and Regulations in Mind

The rightly customized packaging would not work if you are not careful about Federal Packing Regulations and Labelling Rules that your product must abide by.


While designing a product, many companies forget that their package is going to be a mobile entity that will experience scrutiny. So, even if your design sounds perfect theoretically, your customized packaging would collapse in a heap of nothingness if your company does not follow the regulations.


Before sending your intricately-designed and styled product, check for all the details and ensure that it is good to go out into the world.

Avoid The Small Errors

Now, here are a few points that should alert you immediately. We commit small mistakes that can cost us more than we think:

  1. Typing Errors: You do not want your 100 packaging boxes ready only to find a typing or grammatical error in your company’s slogan. Red Signal.
  2. Wasting the Space: You must not waste your money in designing gift boxes and packages that have larger space for what the product needs,
  3. Invisiblizing the Uniqueness: Many companies adopt such complex designs that their product loses its uniqueness. Your logo and your company’s name should stand clear and loud in the product.
  4. Forgetting the Description: The text plays a crucial role in giving your package an emotional connection. Do not compromise on it for anything. Write a small and precise description or message, but do write something!

Wrapping Up

The right customized product packaging is the one that comes from the right reasoning, investment, and customer analysis. It has the potential to break the cycle of mediocrity and take your company to a unique position.


The corporate sector is a competitive space. If you are willing to make an extraordinary impact, you will have to spend your ideas and resources on giving your business that “extra” edge over others.


When you sit down to come to a final decision about the design, style, and name, open your mind to specific criticalities of the situation. You must ensure that your brand represents and endorses the ethical ideas coming from an understanding of your social responsibilities.


To sum up the argument, let’s go through the crucial details together:

  1. We advise you to choose quality material for the packaging.
  2. You must invest in the design and style by taking professional help.
  3. You have to monitor your sales and analyze if the packaging creates a good impact.
  4. Make the packaging luxurious and elegant. It attracts attention.
  5. Choose a design that compliments your business’s image.
  6. Make a wise and responsible choice when selecting and sending the package ahead.


Lastly, remember that you have taken additional responsibility so that you can market your brand better. We assure you that your business will gain more recommendations if you use sustainable packaging for products.


We won’t lie and say that it is an easy endeavor. However, we would guarantee that the end-goal will be worth this tediousness and struggle. When designing, do not work with a competitive mind. Rather, craft your packaging with feeling and responsibility– that is the secret of making a mark for yourself.





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