Ultimate guide for Gourmet and Food Packaging for your business


Ultimate guide for Gourmet and Food Packaging for your business

When you start a business that offers foods, you will come across the need to find perfect packaging. The food industry has a competitive landscape. Hence, you cannot do any mistakes with your packaging. That’s why you should follow this guide and discover the ideal gourmet and food packaging that you need to use for your business.



Why should you pay special attention to food packaging?


Packaging that you use would ensure the quality of food. On the other hand, you can use food packaging to attract customers to your business as well. It is a well-known fact that most of the customers tend to judge the quality of food based on packaging.

The main objective of food packaging is to store the portion of food that you are sending out to the customer. However, it can contribute to many other areas. For example, food packaging you use would ensure the protection of food. You need to come up with an appropriate packaging, which can ensure the protection of food. The type of food you offer would determine the best packaging option you should get. Then you need to take a look at the transportation method that you use to send out food packaging to the customer. The design of food packaging should never be ignored as well. You must ensure that your food packaging stands out from the ones of your customer. If your food packaging can instantly grab the attention of customers, you can end up making more sales.



How to pick the best gourmet and food packaging?


Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors you need to consider when you purchase gourmet and food packaging. Based on these factors, you can determine the ideal food packaging solution that you would select for your business.


·    Take a look at the material

Paper, glass, and plastic are the three most common material options available for food packaging. There are pros and cons associated with each material. No matter what material you select, you need to ensure that it has the ability to keep your food safe. Moreover, it should be able to capture the customer’s attention.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that the material you select for food packaging is not in a position to create a negative impact on the environment. You can even use this in your marketing campaigns and get the attention of more customers to purchase from your business.

Paper is the most common material that is used for food & gourmet packaging. It is affordable and lightweight. On the other hand, the paper offers a decent strength to hold food as well. You can purchase paper that is made out of renewable resources. It is even possible to recycle paper packaging that you use. However, you will not be able to use paper packaging for all foods. For example, if you are delivering frozen foods, the paper is not the best option available to consider. That’s because the paper is prone to humidity and moisture. You should also understand that paper would damage or tear too quickly.

Aluminum is another popular food packaging material that you can consider. One of the key benefits associated with aluminum is its resistance to heat, moisture, and corrosion ad gases. It is a lightweight and recyclable material. However, it is not the most durable material available to consider. You will have to spend a considerable amount of money out of your business to get aluminum packaging as well.

Some of the businesses tend to use glass packaging. If you are delivering beverages, this can be a good option. That’s because glass is resistant to heat and moisture. It is a non-reactive option for food packaging. You can also gain an advantage over the transparency offered out of glass. That’s because you can easily allow your customers to see the products. It is a recyclable and reusable material. However, glass is brittle and it is more vulnerable towards damages. Hence, it is important to be mindful about the damages that can happen to glass. Glass is not an easy material to carry as well.

You may take a look at polyester as well. It is a strong material option. Polyester is perfect for hot filling. You can take advantage of the barrier characteristics that come along with polyester as well. On top of that, you can receive a high clarity, where you can show the food you have for offering to the customers. Polyester offers decent tear and shatter resistance to food packaging as well. However, it is not the most environmentally friendly material.

It is better if you can refrain from using plastic. That’s because the lifeline of plastic is hurting the environment. It is true that plastic is affordable and flexible. However, you must understand the environmental responsibility of your business and refrain from using plastic for food packaging as much as possible.

Based on the above-mentioned options, you can take a look at your food and determine the ideal material.




·    Analyze the trends in food packaging

You should next analyze the trends in food packaging. The food industry is not just competitive, but it is also dynamic. Hence, following the trends of packaging will be able to provide you with the support needed to deliver a competitive edge to the business.

Going forward with minimal designs is one of the most common gourmet packaging trends that we can see. You don’t have to think twice before you follow this trend and get the most out of it. Even though this trend is present all around you, you can stick to it and get the advantage you need. This will provide you with the opportunity to take a break from cluttered and big typeface designs as well.

Another food packaging trend that we see is to use bold colors. Bold colors can help you to grab the attention of customers to food instantly. On the other hand, bold colors tend to blend perfectly well with the overall design layout as well. If you take a look at protein bars, you will be able to see how this food packaging trend is being utilized to the maximum.

You may also think about going forward with fine prints in your food packaging. This is where you can list all the ingredients in bigger fonts. This will help you to earn trust from customers. That’s because you are being transparent with your ingredients and you will be able to earn credibility out of it.

You can get creative with the shape of food packaging. You may have to invest more money to follow this trend in food packaging. However, it can deliver better returns to you. For example, assume that you are selling watermelon juice. Then you can get your packaging to resemble a slice of watermelon. It is an appealing packaging option available to consider as you can directly speak to the hearts of customers. Likewise, if you are selling any herbal products, you can think about making your container look like an aloe leaf. This is an excellent alternative available for traditional food packaging.

You may also think about making your packaging functional as much as possible. For example, Dunkin Donuts recently introduced a unique coffee cup to its customers. Customers who buy coffee have the chance to carry cream and sugar along with the cup. You can come up with such a design and deliver some functional benefits to the customers.

No matter what, you need to ensure that your food packaging is designed to get into the market and capture the attention of customers. In the meantime, you must ensure that packaging is in a position to deliver protection needed by your food as well. Otherwise, you will hurt your brand with food packaging.




·    Determine the budget

You must never ignore the budget of food packaging as well. That’s because you will be spending a considerable amount of money to get packaging. If you don’t make the correct decision with the budget, there is a high possibility for your business to be impacted negatively. That’s because you will spend most of your profits on the packaging.

In general, you can think about allocating around 10% of the product cost on the packaging. You will need to be mindful about the distribution and shipping costs as well. It is important to analyze all these expenses and come up with an ideal food packaging option.

Before you understand the cost of food packaging, you should understand the cost associated with food production. Then you can source labor and materials. In case if your business cannot afford a specific type of packaging, you shouldn’t give up on it. That’s because packaging is constantly changing and evolving. You will be able to start small and go for that packaging after some time.


·    Ensure that your packaging offers protection

It is a must to ensure that your packaging is capable of ensuring the protection of food that you deliver to the customers. In fact, you need to ensure that all the food you have stored inside the package remains fresh and they are safe to be consumed by the customers. Depending on the food you sell, you will have to keep them on the shelves for many days, weeks, or months. In such a situation, you should ensure that food packaging is not in a position to create a negative impact on food.

Certain food types would require specific packaging materials. That’s because packaging material will be able to deliver protection needed by the food against manhandling, temperature, and many other factors. Perishable food items, dry grocery items, and frozen foods would each require different types of packaging so that you will be able to retain freshness in them. On top of that, you will need to ensure that the material you use is in a position to provide protection against contamination.

That’s because different food options come along with different material requirements. Those barrier materials are in a position to create an impact on the overall appearance of the packaging. If you are selling fresh food items, such as meat, you will need to ensure that you use anti-fog additives. This will help you to maintain visual appeal and visibility at all times.


·    Add your branding to your packaging

Your food packaging should clearly represent the brand image of the business. This should never be ignored as it will heavily impact the success of your business in the long run. However, you must ensure that you pick an appropriate packaging, which looks appealing for all the customers. Otherwise, you will be creating a negative impact on the brand.

Small details in your packaging, such as the presence of certain elements and colors will be able to provide great assistance to you with ensuring the best returns out of food packaging. Your brand is different from that of your customers. You must try to clearly illustrate that difference through your food packaging. Then you will be able to influence the decisions made by customers to go ahead and purchase your products as well.

Final words


Now you have a clear picture of how to purchase the best packaging for your foods. Take your time and analyze these factors, before you select the ideal food packaging option. It is also better if you can work along with a packaging professional. Then you will be able to pick the best materials needed for specific food products. An expert will provide you with multiple combinations available to consider. You can simply go through those different combinations and pick the best one out of them. This will help you to gain an advantage in the market and enhance the shelf life of your food as well.  Always ensure that you are delivering the best experience to your customers while protecting the quality of food with the food packaging option you select.

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