Latest trends that are changing corrugated packaging


Latest trends that are changing corrugated packaging

The corrugated packaging industry is growing at a rapid pace. The increasing popularity of eCommerce stores has contributed a lot towards the above-mentioned fact. Along with that, it is also possible for us to see how new trends popping up along with corrugated packaging. If you are manufacturing corrugated packaging or if you are using corrugated packaging for delivery purposes, it is important to have a clear understanding of these trends. Then you will be able to follow the trends and get maximum returns offered on your way.



The popularity of corrugated packaging


Corrugated packaging holds a prominent place in the paper packaging industry. The corrugated boxes are in a position to contribute to numerous industries. They include consumer goods, food and beverages, durable goods, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and many more. The trends in corrugated packaging are creating a major impact on all these industries. Regardless of the industry that you belong to, it is worthy to take a look at these trends and get the most out of them.

Here is a list of some of the newest trends that are changing corrugated packaging.



Fitting perfectly well to the product


Corrugated packaging is changing to deliver the perfect fit for products. This is one of the corrugated packaging trends that emerged along with the increasing popularity of eCommerce marketplaces. The corrugated packaging boxes are manufactured according to the demands of products. This demand is fully driven by e-commerce store sellers. Amazon is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

At the time of manufacturing these corrugated packaging boxes, the manufacturers pay special attention to the dimensions of the product. If there are any inconsistent shapes of the product, the packaging boxes will be manufactured to fit perfectly well to them. This can deliver a better experience to the customers who receive products.




Along with the increasing popularity of fit to produce corrugated packaging boxes, we can also see how the demand is increasing for boards that are sold as fanfold. In addition to that, the demand for finishing materials is increasing. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the increased demand for printers that can work along with them. We can see how a lot of efforts are taken in order to pounce on the growth associated with the market.

Increased sustainability


Manufacturers who work on manufacturing corrugated packaging are also concerned about increasing overall sustainability. Sustainability plays a major role in the value system. One of the best things about corrugated packaging is that it is relatively easy to recycle pump. Hence, they deliver much-needed assistance to reduce the negative impact created on nature.

The latest corrugated packaging boxes manufactured out there in the world are even more sustainable. That’s because they are manufactured with numerous protective formats on top of the polymer-based options available. For example, you can get expanded polystyrene along with corrugated packaging boxes, which enhance the overall durability and offer better recycling capabilities.

We can also see how boards with albeit light-weighting are getting introduced into the corrugated packaging. They are capable of offering a proper size along with light-weighting. These packages play a major role in the success of the industry. They don’t just respond to the demands of the buyers to get packaging solutions with enhanced efficiency. They are also in a position to adapt perfectly well to the increased demands from the logistics systems in adopting to dimensional weight pricing.

One of the benefits that we can reap out of this trend is that it has minimized the need to use heavier board materials, which are often being used to package products that require better packaging capabilities. In the meantime, we are in a position to get rid of the usage of additional protective materials. This can contribute a lot towards reducing total waste that we produce. Hence, it is possible for us to get much-needed assistance with ensuring environmental sustainability.

There is also a trend in corrugated packaging to reduce the overall amount of air that is being shipped along with a delivery and through a delivery channel. Due to this reason, we can see massive increases in costs. For example, when you take a look at the shipping cost of toilet rolls, you will notice that size is contributing a lot towards the determination of the overall cost of shipping, instead of the weight.

The usage of lightweight corrugated boxes is quite successful and popular in European countries, especially the countries that are based in Western Europe. Along with that, we can expect this trend to last for quite some time. It will be able to contribute a lot towards the betterment of the environment while helping people to cut down costs.

Digitally printing the advertisements


The popularity of digital printing methodologies is increasing along with time. We can see that creeping into corrugated packaging as well. However, this trend is still in its early phase. Corrugated packaging manufacturers have discovered it as one of the best methods available to cater to the increasing demands of the post-print industry. There is a demand for printing corrugated packages in high volumes. Digital printing methods are in a position to deliver much-needed assistance with catering to those demands.

Digital printing is associated with a high level of flexibility. For example, it is possible to change the run-lengths with ease. This will contribute a lot to the savings in costs. In addition to that, we can see how there is a possibility to personalize them with related to brands. Since all the brands are concerned about enhancing their brand visibility, we can see how the demand for this trend is increasing along with time. Digital printing methods can also contribute a lot towards catering to the needs of individuals, stores, geographical locations, and the level of quality. This will deliver a variety of growth opportunities for printers and converters.



Product owners are currently engaged with the process of discovering all the opportunities that they can reap out of digital printing when they are used along with corrugated packaging. For example, digital printing methods can be used to enhance brand loyalty in an effective manner. Businesses will be able to make the brand more visible to customers. Along with that, customers will be able to get a memorable shopping experience. Some of the customers will even share their shopping experiences on social media, which can further contribute towards the success of the brand. In other words, these methods can help you to keep on pushing your marketing campaigns forward. This will deliver all the support needed by business owners to acquire new customers and encourage repeat businesses.

Retail ready packaging


Retail ready packaging is another popular corrugated packaging trend that we can see as of now. The main reason behind the usage of retail ready packaging is that it will contribute a lot towards cost reductions.  Businesses are always concerned about saving their costs. This is where they take a look at retail packaging. This trend is already popular in Western Europe and we believe that it will not take a long time for it to spread to other parts of the world.

One of the best features that you can find in retail-ready packaging is that it has the ability to deliver labor-saving solutions. Along with that, these packaging compositions are in a position to reduce overall shelf stocking. Even the package handling expenses can be reduced by around 50% with retail-ready packaging.

Convenience stores can get the most benefit offered out of retail ready packaging. The discount retailers will also be able to reap benefits offered out of it. In the meantime, all the brands will be able to get assistance with gaining enhanced control over the appearance or presentation of the products that are offered into the retail space.


It is important to keep in mind that eCommerce stores will have very little demand to go ahead with retail-ready packaging. That’s because eCommerce businesses don’t have a massive demand to use this packaging option. However, we can still see how the ecommerce businesses will be using corrugated packaging to deliver goods and services to the e-sales fulfillment centers of warehouses. However, they don’t always need to go ahead with retail-ready packaging compositions.

Along with the introduction of meal kit and subscription box services that provide direct delivery to the consumers on a weekly basis or monthly basis, some new opportunities have been created for the increasing demand of corrugated boards. The corrugated packaging suppliers are now forced to offer delivery friendly formats to the businesses. These boxes should have die-cut interiors with friendly formats. Then the subscription box businesses and meal kit businesses will be able to reap all the benefits that come along with corrugated packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging


Businesses that exist out there in the world have a clear understanding of the negative impacts that plastic can create on the environment. They have also identified that usage of plastic in their packaging is in a position to create a negative impact on their brands. That’s because all the customers are concerned about the changes that are taking place in the environment. Business owners will need to keep this fact in mind and go ahead with creating eco-friendly packaging.

Eco-friendly corrugated boxes are in a position to cater to the demands of business owners in this kind of situation. In fact, corrugated boxes are an excellent solution available for packaging many different things. According to industry experts, corrugated boxes would stay popular among business owners for a long period of time because of their eco-friendliness. They will contribute a lot towards the betterment of the environment as well as the betterment of businesses. Corrugated boxes can easily be recycled or reused.

Businesses will be able to increase their profits in a convenient manner with the usage of corrugated boxes. The efforts taken by businesses to contribute to a cleaner environment can be used in promotional campaigns. These solutions will eventually be able to deliver all the support needed by the environment to live and thrive.



If you are a marketer, eCommerce business owner, or even working for a multi-national business, you will be able to use corrugated boxes and get the benefits delivered out of it to ensure the betterment of your brand. This will also help the corrugated boxes to remain popular.


Introduction of attractive packages


When a consumer is provided with the decision of making a choice out of two identical products, he will go ahead with the attractively packaged one. There is a high demand for attractive packaging. All the business owners are aware of it. Businesses have found it an easy task to get attractive packages with corrugated packaging.

While trying to impress customers, you should pay a lot of attention to aesthetics. Aesthetic packaging can even help businesses to increase the value of products that are offered to the market. Along with that, businesses can generate more profits out of what they sell. Businesses that offer visually-driven products to the market can generate more sales. On the other hand, they can contribute a lot towards enhancing the impact created by social media interactions. Purchasing products online in today’s world is all about visuals. Hence, all the brands should think about transforming their packaging into visually appealing ones. Corrugated packaging can deliver much-needed support to you with it.



Final words


Now you are aware of some of the most prominent trends that are associated with corrugated packaging. Keep these trends in mind and start following them. Then you can get the corrugated packaging trends to create a positive impact on your business. Along with that, you will also get the support needed to take your business success to the next level via benefits that corrugated packaging trends can offer. At, you can explore all the custom box solutions including custom corrugated packaging for your business.

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