7 reasons why your business should opt eco friendly packaging


7 reasons why your business should opt eco friendly packaging

The way how you package your products would contribute a lot towards how you are creating an impact on customer decisions. In a world where customers are concerned about going forward with eco-friendly solutions, you should also think about getting eco-friendly packaging options to deliver your products to the customers. This will be one of the best decisions that you can take to ensure the future betterment of your business.

Still not convinced on why you should opt for eco friendly packaging? Let’s take a look at 7 of the most prominent benefits that your business can experience with the help of sustainable packaging. While keeping these benefits in mind, you can come up with the decision to get appropriate packaging solutions to impress your customers and generate more sales.




You can reduce the carbon footprint of your business


People in today’s world are heavily concerned about reducing their carbon footprint. Likewise, your business should also be mindful of how to reduce carbon footprint. Then you will be able to contribute towards the common goal of all people out there to save the planet. You can get started with it by introducing eco friendly packaging for your business.

We need to be mindful of reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases that are being released to the environment through human activities. If you are not using any eco friendly packaging, you will also be contributing to the damaging effects on the environment. It is important to refrain from doing that at all times. This is where sustainable packaging can support you with.




The product lifecycle associated with your product packaging goes through numerous stages. The very first stage out of them will be the extraction of all raw materials needed for production. The other stages include the manufacturing of packaging, transportation of them, usage, and the end of the life cycle. In every single stage, a certain amount of carbon will get released into the environment. Hence, you should be mindful of how to limit this carbon emission to the environment.

The process used for the manufacturing of eco friendly packaging is quite different. In fact, this method will not release lots of carbon to the environment. Therefore, you can reduce the carbon footprint effectively. The eco friendly packaging options you get will be manufactured with the assistance of materials that you can highly recycle. This will reduce the overall consumption of heavy energy resources by us. Based on that, we can create a better world for our future generations to thrive.



You can use that as a part of the message delivered by your brand


Once you start offering eco friendly packaging, you will be able to get that combined along with the core message that you are delivering through your brand.  This is a great method available for you to take advantage of environmentally conscious people. Due to environmental consciousness, people are always looking for the best methods available for them to create a positive impact on the environment. Almost 77% of people want to live a sustainable life and are environmentally conscious. If you can get your brand noticed to them as an eco-friendly one, you can expect them to become loyal customers of the brand. This is where eco friendly packaging can help you with.




You must have seen how numerous companies are branding themselves as entities that are heavily concerned about the safety of the environment. That’s because there is a demand from consumers to pick such companies and proceed with purchasing the products offered under those brands. You have an excellent opportunity available out there to grab and you just need to go for it with the help of green packaging. When you integrate the message that you offer eco friendly packaging under the brand, you will also be able to remain transparent about the product lifecycle management practices you follow under the brand.



They are free from allergens and toxins


If your packaging is made out of chemicals, you should always be mindful of harmful toxins and other allergens. This is not just harmful to the manufacturers but also for the consumers. However, eco friendly packaging will not be able to deliver such allergens or toxins to you. That’s because they are made out of natural ingredients.

When the customers figure out that your product packaging is made out of toxic ingredients, you will never be able to get them to buy the products you offer. That’s because your customers have a clear understanding of the negative impacts that such toxic packaging can create. To make sure that it doesn’t happen, you will need to go for eco friendly packaging.

There are numerous options available for you to consider when going forward with bio-degradable packaging. You need to do some homework and see what eco friendly packaging options are in a position to create the least impact on the good health of your customers. Then you should consider it as a good option available for your brand to use and manufacture packaging.



You can reduce the usage of plastic


Plastic is creating a massive negative impact on the environment. As you already know, plastic is not a bio-degradable material. Hence, plastic packaging you offer to the customers along with your products would end up in landfills. When you keep on doing this, you will be hurting the environment. That’s why you shouldn’t allow that to happen.

When you take a look at traditional packaging options used by businesses, you will figure out that most of them are equipped with plastic materials. These plastic materials will only be used for just one time. Along with the development of technology, excellent alternatives for such materials are now available for you to use. It is up to you to take a look at them and reduce the usage of plastic. Then you can take the very first step to offer eco friendly packaging for the customers of your business.

Plastic that you use in packaging will not just end up in landfills and create problems. Plastic is a culprit that is known to lead the environment to numerous problems. For example, plastic can clog water drains. It can also pollute water bodies. Plastic is capable of contributing to global weather changes.

The packaging materials you offer to the customers along with your products are usually thrown away. They are just used for wrapping the product. Did you ever imagine where all this plastic would go? In most instances, they will end up in oceans and rivers. They can clog the water bodies and contribute to water pollution. But if you are manufacturing eco friendly packaging for the business with the use of eco-friendly materials, there is no need to worry too much about such negative consequences.

The production process of plastics can hurt the environment as well. That’s because it consumes a lot of energy. If you are offering foods via plastic packaging, you are leading your customers to face a variety of negative health issues. You should be mindful of this and take all appropriate steps to ensure that you don’t contribute towards environmental pollution.




Eco-friendly packaging is made out of biodegradable materials


Eco-friendly packaging that you get for the business is made out of biodegradable materials. This is another prominent benefit that all businesses using green packaging will be able to experience. That’s because you will get assistance in minimizing the damage caused by plastic even during the later stages of the life cycle of your packages offered to customers along with products.


Check out the difference between biodegradable and recyclable.


Most of eco-friendly packaging is made out of recyclable materials. This will help you with minimizing the overall negative impact that you are creating on the environment. Even the disposal of traditional packages made out of plastic would require more energy. Such a lot of energy is not needed by eco-friendly packaging.

When you take a look at the usage of eco friendly packaging from a financial perspective, you will figure out that they are capable of helping your company to reduce the overall financial burden in an effective manner. That’s because it wouldn’t cost you a lot of money to offer eco friendly packaging to the market.



You can easily expand your customer base with eco friendly packaging


For a business to survive in the future and take business initiatives to the next level, there should be a strong customer base. In fact, you need to make sure that your customer base is expanding along with time. Eco friendly packaging can deliver some assistance to you by expanding the customer base that you have under your business in a convenient manner.

According to numerous studies conducted all around the world, it is clear that the demand available for sustainable and eco-friendly products is on the rise. We can expect this demand to further rise in the future. This will be a great opportunity available for your business to focus on. That’s because you can put yourself in a position to showcase that you are an environmentally conscious company.




Customers in today’s world are provided with numerous options available to consider. Hence, you can expect the customers to do a bit of research on different options available to consider and go for the best one. This is where you need to present your company and your products to the customers in the most appealing way. Sustainable packaging can deliver support to you with it.

Consumers always prefer to purchase products from a brand that offers sustainable products to the market. If you can promote the fact that you are offering green packaging, you will be able to attract more customers to your business with ease. Along with that, you can increase the sales volume.



You can get a versatile experience with eco friendly packaging


Last but not least, you need to understand that sustainable packaging is a versatile option available for you to consider. In most of the instances, you will be able to provide assistance to your customers with reusing the eco friendly packaging packages. In certain instances, your customers will be able to get them repurposed. It all depends on the industry that you are working on. However, the possibility of reusing and repurposing traditional packaging is not so easy.




Traditional packaging solutions are designed only to create a negative impact on the environment. They lack creativity too. But when you opt for eco friendly packaging, you will figure out that there are numerous creative options available for you to consider. It is up to you to take a look at all the different options and pick the best ones out of them. When you go for the eco friendly packaging that offers the best designs, you can easily make the products look appealing to the customers. Hence, you will be able to develop a healthy relationship with the customers.


Look at some great examples of eco-friendly packaging on Pinterest.



Final words


People usually had a lack of concern for the environment a decade ago. Due to the same reason, businesses kept on manufacturing packaging solutions with the usage of harmful materials such as plastic. This created a massive negative impact on the environment and we are currently experiencing some of them. On the other hand, such practices are creating detrimental effects on the overall wellbeing of the society as well.

As a business owner, you should be concerned about this. You need to know that it is one of your responsibilities to take good care of your community and your customers. To ensure that, you can make the decision to go ahead with eco friendly packaging. This decision can deliver a bunch of positive results to you as well.

We are currently experiencing a positive shift among people to go ahead and use sustainable packaging. You should embrace this movement and keep on moving forward. Otherwise, your business will be left out from the trend and you will have to experience the negative effects that come along with it. Finding the best eco-friendly packaging manufacturer is not a difficult thing to do as well. If you can do simple research, you can easily locate an eco-packaging manufacturer, who can help your business.


Do you know? “In The Bag” is a carbon-neutral company and also partnered with FSC in order to contribute to sustainable environmental practices. So if you are looking for custom eco friendly packaging, look no further and get in touch with us today.


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