5 Unique custom chocolate gift box Ideas for your chocolate brand


5 Unique custom chocolate gift box Ideas for your chocolate brand

Over 50 percent of consumer purchases are driven by a person’s emotions. Marty Neumeier (American author and speaker – writes on the topics of brand, design, creativity, and innovation), wrote in one of his books “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.” The idea is to help you reach your customers at an emotional level as it may increase the likelihood you’ll be able to capitalize on your last and best chance to make a sale.

Do you own a chocolate business? Then you must be interested in delivering magical experiences to the customers who purchase chocolates from you and connect with them at an emotional level. There are numerous methods available for you to follow and deliver such magical experiences. Out of them, the chocolate gift box you offer holds a prominent place.


Why should you focus a lot on the chocolate gift boxes?


You can be creative with the chocolate gift boxes that you offer to the customers. This is something that can help you to impress chocolate lovers. Just like the taste of chocolate you make; you need to have the perfect chocolate boxes to make them popular.

Some of you might think that people wouldn’t be really interested in the chocolate gift box as they are mostly concerned about enjoying the milky goodness found inside. However, the way how your chocolate looks can help you to increase the number of people who purchase it. on the other hand, people will develop an emotional connection along with your chocolate box. Along with that, you can get the chocolate business to the next level with ease.

The chocolate gift box you design should be eye-catching. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you are infusing lots of creativity into it as well. You must also focus on the basics such as the brand name and brand logo that is displayed in the front of your chocolate box. All these will help you to create magical experiences to your chocolate buyers.






Best chocolate gift box ideas


To help you with getting the maximum benefits out of chocolate boxes, we thought of creating a list of some of the most creative, artistic, and eye-catching chocolate gift box ideas available out there to consider. It is up to you to take a look at these chocolate box ideas and go ahead with the best one out of them. When you are going through the list of ideas we share, you will surely be able to end up getting inspiration for your chocolate design.



–     Minimalist chocolate gift box


Minimalism is something that we can find all around us. When you visit a website, you can see minimalism. On the other hand, popular outfits worn by people are based upon minimalism. Based on that, you can even think about making your chocolate box deliver a minimalist look and feel. It will help you to make your chocolate gift box match with the trends that are taking place out there in the world.

When someone takes a look at the box, you need to give a feeling that it is not just another chocolate bar. That’s where the minimalist design of your chocolate can help you with. You can think about getting a hand-folded chocolate gift box to your handcrafted chocolate. Along with that, you can make the colorful paper to extend out of white-colored paper, so that you can create that perfect minimalist look and feel. This can deliver a unique look and feel to your chocolate box as well.

At the time of designing a minimalist chocolate box, you need to make sure that you pay special attention to your brand. You need to make sure that your brand is highlighted in the chocolate gift box. Otherwise, you will not be able to get your brand closer to the consumers. This will make you miss out on numerous benefits that would be sent to you.

One of the most important things that you will need to keep in mind when you are moving forward with minimalist chocolate box designing is that the colors that you can find in your logo should be used to create minimalist accents in the box. Then you can enhance the minimalist look and feel that you are getting out of the custom chocolate. When you go ahead with this trend, you will even get the opportunity to highlight your chocolate brand as something luxurious. Hence, you can get people to pay premium prices and buy your chocolates. That’s what you must be dreaming as well.





–     Humorous chocolate gift box design


Another great chocolate box design would be to make it look humorous. This is where you should focus heavily on creativity. When you make your chocolate box creative and humorous, you will be able to receive all the support needed to get lots of people instantly attached to what you offer. This will eventually help you to make more chocolate sales.

At the time of getting a humorous design for the chocolate gift box, you will have numerous options to consider. You must carefully go through the different options and make sure that you pick the best option out of them. Then you can get the maximum returns offered along with it to deliver a lasting impression on the minds of people who buy your chocolate.

Enjoying chocolate will provide joyful memories to the life of a person. You can take those memories to the next level by adding some humor into the custom chocolate box. You should think about mixing the design along with sharp fonts and bold colors. That’s because those elements are in a position to reflect the taste and richness offered along with your chocolate.

In the meantime, the playful design of your chocolate box will open you to numerous great experiences. It will help you to speak to a specific audience. Along with that, you can represent a liberal approach to packaging design and chocolate.




–     Retro chocolate gift box design


Another amazing chocolate box design available for you to consider would be the retro chocolate box design. We all have our nostalgic memories with chocolate in our lives. When your customers are enjoying your chocolate in retro-styled boxes, you will be able to provide them a chance to get themselves lost in those nostalgic memories. Hence, you can create exciting moments for all the people who buy and enjoy the chocolate you offer to the market.

There are numerous options available for you to get inspiration for the chocolate box design as well. For example, when you do simple research on the internet, you will come across numerous retro chocolate box designs. You can go through them and collect the ideas for your chocolate box design.

At the time of going through vintage chocolate box designs, you will be able to notice some similarities. For example, the chocolate box designs that belong to the 60s, 70s, and 80s are having a clear style along with bright and bold elements.

You shouldn’t blindly copy any of the vintage designs that you can find on the internet. Instead, you should take inspiration from them and make your chocolate box unique. Along with that, you will get the opportunity to create a lasting impression on the minds of people who get your chocolate.




–     Natural chocolate box design


Another trending chocolate box design available for you to consider would be to make it natural. Crude Raw Chocolate is one of the brands that take the maximum benefit out of this chocolate box design. They are following a clean, simple, and organic product concept, which is heavily contributing towards the chocolate they make. They have been able to integrate their ideas into the packaging style in a seamless manner.

When you take a look at the composition and structure of the packaging, you will notice how the typesetting pattern has been designed in a unique way to represent the unique label.

You can further enhance your natural chocolate box design by introducing geometric shapes into it. Then you will be able to highlight the texture. In the meantime, you need to be careful with the colors that you are using on the chocolate box to deliver a lasting impression on the minds of people who purchase it. This will eventually help you to create an emotional connection with the customers who purchase chocolate from you. it is up to you to deliver a perfect experience to them and get them to buy more chocolates from you.




–     Monochromatic chocolate gift box design


If you are trying to make your chocolate box look unique, you must take a look at the monochromatic chocolate box design ideas. This is another great option available for you to follow. You will be able to enhance the monochromatic look and feel offered along with the chocolate box by integrating it with black and gold-colored foil stamping. This will help you to highlight the unique characteristics associated with your chocolate. In the meantime, you can get your chocolate box to deliver a bold, playful, and lasting impressions on the minds of customers.

When you have a monochromatic chocolate box design, you will get the opportunity to make your chocolate look unique and one of a kind. In other words, people might assume that your chocolate is limited-edition chocolate that is available in the market. Hence, they will tend to go ahead and purchase your chocolate.

You can get the most out of this design along with the rectangular packaging of your chocolate box. That’s because you will be able to engrave the logo of your brand in a corner. Since people will usually pay attention to detail in this kind of chocolate box, you will be able to create a lasting impression with ease. This will help you to deliver a memorable sweet to your loved customers of the business with ease.



Bonus: The sophisticated chocolate gift box design


We thought of sharing one more outstanding chocolate box design, which is the sophisticated chocolate box design. This is an elegant and sleek design. As a result, you can keep high hopes in your mind and go ahead with this chocolate box design. It will help you to create a lasting impression on the minds of your customers with ease.

You can have geometric maze designs in this kind of chocolate box. It can be paired along with brilliant paper coloring. Hence, you will be able to get more attention to the chocolate boxes that you offer.

You can have complimentary coloring in the chocolate box. For example, you can have colors such as gold and corals. It will help you to create a clean and graceful appearance in the chocolate box with ease. You will also be able to deliver a natural feel to your customers along with this chocolate box packaging.

Another great thing to note about this chocolate box design is that you are provided the chance to try multiple color combinations. If you are offering your chocolate to the market under numerous flavors, you may take a look at these different color combinations. In other words, you can make each taste resemble a unique color combination. This can further help you to deliver a premium experience to the customers of your chocolate business.

You will be able to add rich design layers into the chocolate box while following this approach. For example, you can have bright yellow and gold in your chocolate box design to showcase the caramel flavored chocolate that you are offering to the market. Similarly, you will be able to have gold and coral in the chocolate box design to deliver the experience of paprika and sandalwood.

Read more about effects of packaging design on sensory liking and willingness to purchase.



Final words


These are the best and the most unique chocolate gift box designs available to consider. We hope you got some inspiration for your chocolate box design based on these ideas. It is a good thing to be adventurous and try out the different chocolate box ideas. Then you will be able to offer chocolate to the customers of your business in unique packaging. This will help you to deliver a strong impression to the customers while taking your business reputation to greater heights.


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