9 Unique Subscription Box Gift Ideas for this holiday season


9 Unique Subscription Box Gift Ideas for this holiday season

We are approaching the holiday season and it is high time for us to think about getting gifts for our loved ones. Going through the holiday gift ideas will not be an easy thing to do. That’s because you can find numerous options and there is a high possibility for you to get overwhelmed among these different options. That’s where you must think about taking a look at the subscription box gift ideas. They can help you to create a positive impression in the minds of people who receive your gifts. You can also showcase that you care for your loved ones by purchasing an appropriate subscription box.


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There are numerous unique subscription gift box ideas available to consider. Let’s take a look at 9 of them. You can go through these and pick the best for gifting your loved ones.



Wine Subscription Box


Fine wine is strongly associated with the holiday season. Hence, you can think about getting a wine subscription for your loved ones. It will provide your loved ones with the opportunity to try a unique wine in the upcoming holiday season. Along with the unique wine, you will get the opportunity to deliver a unique and lasting impression as well.

There are thousands of wine varieties available out there. However, we often find it a difficult task to figure out what wines are good and what is not good. Instead of going through any such struggle, it is better if we can get a new wine to taste and enjoy every single month. That’s where the wine subscription box would come into play.

You can help one of your loved family members to start going through this amazing experience from this holiday season. This is one of the best methods available for a person to save time and money while tasting the best wines. All you have to do is to get a quality wine subscription box as a gift.




Skincare/Cosmetic subscription Box


We all are busy with our professional work throughout the year. It’s during the holiday season where we get more time to take good care of ourselves. This is where you can think about purchasing a beauty subscription to the people you care about. Along with the beauty subscription, you will be able to help them to take good care of themselves during the free time that they find during the holiday season. Hence, the efforts taken by you to get a beauty subscription will be highly appreciated.

Most of people come across the need to invest in their beauty during the holiday season. However, they don’t have a clear understanding of where to start. You can impress them with the beauty subscription box that you are purchasing as well. Along with the beauty subscription box, you can provide a variety of products, which can ensure good looks. They include skincare products, makeup products, and many more.

Experimenting with beauty care products is quite expensive. It can make a person spend a lot of money in vain. Along with the purchase of a beauty subscription box, there is no need to go through any such expenses. That’s because the subscription box would offer the perfect blend of beauty care products. The subscription box would provide beauty care products that belong to some of the best brands as well.




Kiwi crate subscription box


Kids will have more time to spend on the things they love during the holiday season. This is where you can think about getting the Kiwi crate subscription box. It will provide a unique entertainment experience for the kids.

Most of the items available for the kids to entertain themselves out there are made with digital screens. However, you can make sure that the Kiwi crate is not made out of any such digital screen. Hence, it can deliver a perfectly unique experience for any kid. Along with the subscription box, a kid will be able to get an expert-designed kit, which can be used to go ahead with a project. The project can be a science-based project or an art project. For example, you can give a kid a project, where he can work and light up a planetarium. Likewise, it is also possible to give a project to create a felted succulent bouquet.

The best thing about this subscription box idea is that there are numerous boxes to match the age of the kid. You just need to go through them and pick the best product that matches the age of the kid. Along with that, you can deliver something fun and challenging to the kid to engage with during the holiday season.




Flower subscription box


Flowers are something that we don’t really see during the holiday season. However, we all love to have flowers in our presence during the holiday season. That’s where you should think about getting a flower subscription box to your loved ones during the upcoming holidays. It is another perfect idea for a thoughtful gift that you can give during the holidays.

The flower subscription box would send flowers in a beautiful box. Any person would love to receive such a box of flowers during the holiday season. Hence, the decision you take to get that as a subscription box would be highly appreciated. You will be able to pick the frequency on when you want to send the flowers. On the other hand, the subscription box would also ask you to define the nature of flowers you can send. It is up to you to pick the best mix of flowers and send them as a part of the subscription box. No matter what, you can expect it to be a unique blend of some of the freshest seasonal flowers available.




Stationary subscription box


A stationary subscription would be worthy during the holiday season as well. It can be the best subscription box that you can give to someone who is looking for a productive method to enjoy the holiday season.

Along with a stationery subscription box, you will be able to provide an opportunity for someone to work along with luxe pens, envelopes, note cards, memo pads, chic planners, and many other related items. This can deliver a unique experience to anyone. During the additional time that a person can secure during the holiday season, it will be possible to get the maximum out of the subscription box and allow the imagination to roam around.

A person who receives this subscription box will also get the opportunity to keep the home office fully stocked when venturing into the next year. Hence, there is no need to look around for stationery items.



Book subscription box


A book subscription is another outstanding subscription box idea that you can consider. You can find numerous options for book subscriptions. It is better if you can take a look at the age and preferences of the person who is receiving the subscription in mind when you are going for a selection. For example, if you are planning to get a book subscription for a kid, you need to make sure that book that matches the age are provided along with the subscription. On the other hand, you need to make sure that the boxes are offering valuable and interesting content to red. This will further help you to deliver impressive results out of your book subscription.

Instead of making someone spent time by going useless things, you can think about getting a book subscription and make sure that person is gaining the maximum out of provided free time. That’s where a subscription box idea like this would come into play. Along with this subscription box, you will even get the opportunity to create a positive impact on the life of a person.




Home fragrance subscription box


During the holiday season, people are spending most of their time at home. As a result, they will come across the need to make their homes smell good. This is where a home fragrance subscription will be able to help them.

Along with the home fragrance subscriptions, you will mostly be able to send candles that are infused with fragrance. There are numerous candles, which offer unique fragrances. These fragrances can make a house smell really good. Along with that, any person would fall in love with the time that is being spent at home. Hence, the decision you take to get this kind of a subscription box would not be in vain. Along with the subscription box, you will get the opportunity to create an amazing environment around the house of a receiver.

Along with the scented candle, you can also deliver a diffuser. The diffuser would make sure that the unique fragrance is taken all around the house to deliver a perfect experience. It can help anyone to light up life while enjoying the joy of holidays.




Low light plant subscription box


Growing indoor plants would be a great thing to do during the holidays. Hence, you can think about getting a low light plant subscription to someone as well. The low light plants are in a position to grow perfectly well under the environmental conditions that exist during the holiday season. Hence, a person who receives such plants along with a subscription will never come across any challenges at the time of growing.

The plants that are being delivered along with the subscription are hand potted. It might even be possible for you to customize the color of the pot. On the other hand, you will be able to pick a plant that is pet-friendly and medium-sized. No matter what, the indoor low light plant subscription can deliver a unique and exciting experience for anyone to enjoy the time during holidays.




Mystery game subscription box


The holiday season is where people will have the opportunity to get together with their loved family members and enjoy the time. While enjoying time like that, a mystery game subscription box would be worthy. That’s because the subscription box would provide a unique and fun-filed game, which any person will be able to enjoy.

There are numerous games available for you to give along with the subscription box. All these games are multiplayer games, where the family members can get together and play to have a great time. No game would be associated with a screen. Hence, it would ensure family bonding.

Along with the games, family members will be provided the chance to get themselves exposed to immersive scenarios. Hence, you can see how they get addicted to the game. On top of that, the game would offer original and compelling stories, along with intriguing characters. This will help someone to get the maximum experience out of family time that is being spent.

Since the stories associated with these games are unique and exciting, nobody will get bored at the time of playing them. Instead, you can expect them to get addicted to the games. Hence, this can be considered as another unique subscription box, which can provide someone the chance to enjoy quality time with loved family members during the holiday season.


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Final words


Now you are aware of 9 of the best subscription box ideas that you can think about giving during the upcoming holiday season. It is up to you to take a look at these subscription box ideas and give the best one out of them. While you do that, you should take a look at the personal preferences of the people, so that you can end up finding the best subscription box idea available to consider. Then you can create a lasting impression with the subscription box you gift this season. Are Monthly Subscription Boxes Worth It? Learn More.


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